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Ceremonies and protocols are a fundamental part of Australia’s First Nations Cultural Traditions, Law/Lore. Arranging a ‘Welcome to Country’ to be delivered by the regions Traditional Owners, and/or  ‘Acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the Land’ shows respect for Aboriginal People as Australia’s First Peoples.  

Book a MMEIC Goenpul [Goren-pul], Ngugi [Noog-ee] or Noonuccal [Noo–knuckle] Traditional Owner Elder to deliver a ‘Welcome to Country’ at your next event or special occasion on Quandamooka Country. 


MMEIC Elders deliver Cultural Awareness Training and Guided Talks and Tours. Providing attendees with an understand of how best to engage with our people, an understand historical events and their impacts and hear from Elders about culture, protocols, ways of being, resource management, languages and traditions of the Goenpul [Goren-pul], Ngugi [Noog-ee] and Noonuccal [Noo–knuckle] Traditional Owners. 

Content focus is tailored to the groups interests. Topics can include: pursuit of Justice for First Nations People, Fostering an Anti-Racism Future and Traditional Owner Natural Resource Connections and Management in the Quandamooka Region.  



MMEIC Elders lobbied the then Redlands Shire Council (Now Redlands City Council) for the return of a portion of Moongalba – our Traditional Camp grounds, or “sitting down place” to community. This led to the re-zoning of the site, which was also the site of Myora (Mission) and Aboriginal Reserve as a conservation reserve to be co-managed by MMEIC.

The conservation reserve was named “Terra Bulla Leumeah” (meaning “beautiful place here I rest”) in the language of the Dharawal (Traditional Custodians of the area in NSW now known as Campbelltown City) who camped at Moongalba near the water’s edge during their journeys to the Bunya feasts.

MMEIC convenes cultural events and celebrations, on this site, and has created a wheelchair accessible Bush Tukka Garden to educate visitors about the traditional and medicinal uses of our plants as well as educate people about Terra Bulla’s cultural and historical significance.