(F) Cooking Apron – Aunty Margaret Iselin’s Johnny Cake Recipe

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This Cooking Apron includes Aunty Margaret Iselin’s Johnny Cake Recipe.

Aunty Marg was a founding Member of MMEIC and the Chairperson for many years. She was an incredible women, First Nations leader, cultural knowledge holder and amazing cook.

Look the part when cooking in the kitchen or a BBQ, plus you have to try Aunty Marg’s Johnny Cake Recipe.

The apron’s come in four colours: White, blue, black & pink.

You are purchasing 1 x Apron in this order. Please email mmeic@bigpond.com.au to let us know  which colour Apron you would like.

Price does not include postage. Postage will be added and declared when your shopping cart order is being processed.

*NOTE: We highly recommend also purchasing the MMEIC publication ‘Plants Bush Tucker Medicine & Other Uses of Minjerribah’ which was co-authored by Aunty Margaret Iselin and Aunty Lyn Shipway (available for purchase via this MMEIC online shop).

It includes knowledge of bush tucker plants that were used by ancestors to create different types of flour, that was used to make Johnny Cakes and other food resources. We recommend substituting the wheat flour in Aunty Marg’s recipe (on this Apron) with traditional bush tucker flour varieties for an authentic bush tucker experience.



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