Plants, Bush Tucker, Medicinal and other uses, of Minjerriba

Plants, Bush Tucker, Medicinal and other uses, of Minjerriba

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This booklet was produced with two issues in mind. Firstly to educate and give people an insight into the plants used by the Aboriginals of Minjerriba (North Stradbroke Island) Moorgumpin (Moreton Island) and the surrounding areas – these plants were a food source and medicinal source (and other uses).

Secondly, an introduction to the language used by the Aboriginals and Minjerriba and Moorgumpin.

Over the years, the descendants of the traditional owners have strived to revive our traditional languages i.e.: Jandai, Gowar and Moongar – remember the words/languages spoken today is a mixture of Goorumpil, Noonuccal and Nguhi tribes of the area.

The Aboriginal people of Minjerriba are endeavouring to retrieve, record and revive their language, to preserve their culture and heritage for future generations as Aboriginal culture is one of mans oldest cultures.



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